Rasperry Pi / Stephen Fry


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Only caught the Stephen Fry part of this. The text on the video wasn't very clear, sadly, but Stephen Fry was very engaging. It would be great to get more content from him :)

Raspberry Pi talk was ok, quite interesting to hear about the story from someone in the foundation.

Stephen Fry was great, very enjoyable and good to hear what he had to say. Hilarious ending!

The Raspberry Pi talk was pretty interesting. It's always good to hear from the people behind these things. I bought my RasPi from the guy that drew the boards and chatted about it to him for half an hour - you can't do that with a PC!

I enjoyed the Stephen Fry video, and I hope the organisers can put it up somewhere online so I can watch it again. He raised a lot of good points, particularly about encouraging people to play with computers again rather than just passively consuming content from others.

Only caught the end on the Raspberry Pi talk, but what I heard was good.

The Stephen Fry segment was genius - well presented and funny. Who knew that Stephen has thought long and hard about what kind of dinosaur he would like to be! Well done Dan for getting Stephen to agree to do this - who can we expect next year? Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Robert Llewellyn, Linus Torvalds? :D

$Stephen_Fry = 'Legend';

I enjoyed this immensely. I know it was pre-recorded, but the video came across as being totally authentic, it was almost as if he was talking directly to me and I felt privileged to be amongst the audience. This was a real gift and one of OggCamp's magical moments. Thank you :)

Stephen Fry was immense as ever. Kudos to Dan for arranging this one.

Loved the story of the Raspberry Pi. It's always great to hear and see people talk about things they're passionate about and that really shone through.

I enjoyed the Pi talk, I have one and it was nice to learn more about the background of the project. I think if the talk had been as long as intended and had gone into the nitty gritty of the hardware I might have lost interest but as it was it was just right.

Stepheny Fry's talk was great, it was clearly filmed using his personal webcam at home so was not TV's Stephen Fry, it was more personal and came across as genuine as can be and he sounded like one of us. His answers were well thought out and considered, it's hard to argue with his logic and clarity.

The Pi talk was great, but short. To get the full talk you had to attend the next days talk, which contained all of todays talk repeated plus the new stuff. wish I had known this in advance so I could have better planed my time. Still a fantastic talk though.

The Fry talk was fantastic also. despite being a prerecorded talk it lost nothing. Stephen Fry was brilliant.

Stephen Fry - pure genius - still makes me smile. Full marks to Dan. If you don't ask, you don't get! A very positive message wrapped in his inimitable style and humour.

Live next year??