The Live Show!


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A little disappointed really. The audio quality wasn't very good, the questions required far too much knowledge about the podcasts (except for the ones which were wildly outside the subject area.

The idea was a good one, but I think the execution sadly let it down. It was, perhaps, a little too far outside the "Norm" for both teams of the podcasters.

The "Tux from above" part was funny :)

Is it too much to hope for a "normal" live recording on day two?

Really not as good as the live show last year, which actually introduced new content rather than rehashing bits of podcasts even the presenters couldn't remember.

I can't imagine it'll make a good podcast itself if released, as the whole affair would be confusing with microphones not being used, audience members shouting in etc.

Anonymous at 00:49 on 21 Aug 2012

This would have worked a lot better if the question master and scoremaster had known what they were doing. Too many people talking over each other, technical problems and just plain confusion drowned out the presentational skills of the podcasters.

I don't even think that the questions were necessarily too specific; I think that if there had been fewer people involved, with the two teams having a chance to prepare for it as they would prepare for their own podcasts, then their skills could have carried it off. As it was, the teams did not know what was going on, and neither did the hosts.

Anonymous at 12:15 on 21 Aug 2012

Nice idea and some funny parts, but the disorganisation spoiled it. Too much talking over each other and the hosts should have been a bit slicker to make everything flow better.

If executed correctly, this had the potential to be very good as a University Challenge type affair, but sadly this was not what we got on the day. Some of the bits were funny visually (Tux from above, Big Ron getting the scoring wrong) but I don't think even these bits will necessarily come across well in an audio podcast. Even the sound effect buzzers only worked once when they were introduced and the overall sound quality was poor! The questions were too long and complicated (both for the hosts, the competitors and the audience) and there was a general lack of understanding of what was going on - from everyone!

For me, I missed the podcast intro tunes introductions where we politely clap for uupc and roar raucously for Linux Outlaws; I missed Popey playing devil's advocate over some of the questions; I missed the audience participation in a Q&A session - in a nutshell, I missed the format that we all know and love as being the OggCamp live show. Please can we see its return at OggCamp 13?

Anonymous at 19:48 on 21 Aug 2012

Agree - we missed a real live show - it is usually one of the highlights (my vote is for LO ) x

A bit chaotic. Popey's buzzer was deafening, whilst the buzzers worked and the scorecard went off the screen when it went into double figures. Matt tried to decapitate half the audience with used question cards. Fab was confused by the "Tux From Above". Andy Piper was the only person who knew what the score was.
Still there were many good bits and much fun and laughter abounded.

Ideas for next time would be :-
1) reduce the number of contestants - two for each team would reduce the amount of chaos and allow each person to be heard.
2) Get Andy Piper to run the scorecard machine!
3) Keep the "Tux From Above" but explain to Fab what it's all about first ;)

Anonymous at 22:40 on 24 Aug 2012

I found this pretty funny, but despite lots of setting up, it still took a long time to get into it. The thing is, whilst this was funny, it wasn't anywhere near as funny and the UUPC and LO crossover live show. Can we please go back to this?