Evening Social at Leaf


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Great to meet people and catch up with old friends

Apparently I was drunk. And the stories circulating that I was one of the last to leave at around 2:30am will invoke a lawsuit! ;-)

Given the amount of beer I had, I'm very close to clicking the "Claim the event" button. Great start of the weekend!

Excellent venue. I spent time mingling around and re-acquainting myself with people I see once a year (IRC doesn't count). A great warm-up for the main event.

Brilliant venue, with enough upstairs space for geeks to mingle.

Was confusing on arrival as there was a blackboard at the bottom of the stairs that said upstairs was closed. Too busy to ask the staff, so just went upstairs anyway

But where were the old ladies dancing their frocks off and getting frisky? Oh, right, we weren't at the Adelphi this time (thank god).

Great preparation to remember who's who from previous years and which of them you get on well with, and break the ice for new once-a-year friends. I made a bit of an entrance via the lift as I didn't see the stairs until later. Noone noticed... If only that could have been the way in 2009 (IIRC) for the Sunday (in-joke).