Evening Social at The Raquet Club


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Really nice venue, although the layout did encourage small groups to stay where they were and not mingle much. That said, I did have lots of really great conversations with some amazing people.

The venue was very nice, very posh, and I really appreciate the hard work Dan Lynch put in to arrange it but for me personally it was a touch annoying as people kept bumping into me or I had to move to let people get past.

Trouble is I've been spoilt by those HUGE tables at BarCampBlackpool and the Adelphi.

Feel really bad for giving it a low score but I suspect you'd prefer the truth? :-(

Great venue! Was probably more busy than expected. I'd certainly use the venue again, but maybe have more food (if sponsorship allowed).

Fantastic venue, really buzzing and busy. Just a shame that there wasn't enough seating for everyone. The food (when it came out) was tasty :)

Interesting venue, not really enough room for us all, but food was OK. Beer was good !!

Had a fun night and loved the venue. Perhaps didn't mingle as much as I should have but that was likely due to my proximity to the bar. ;)

Anonymous at 23:05 on 22 Oct 2013

Nice place, and I was impressed by the food. It was a bit of a squeeze for the number of people there, though

Anonymous at 11:37 on 23 Oct 2013

The venue was really nice, maybe a little too nice if I'm honest. The sheer amount of people that turned up made it very squashed and also encouraged people to break off and set up camp with no chance to mingle which is a shame.

The food was nice but by the time they got to the far sides of the room there wasn't much left, people need to remember that the food was free though, budget only goes so far and OggCamp didn't need to provide anything.

More room and cheaper beer is all I can suggest for next year. Well done guys, it was a nice night.

The venue was very nice, but I didn't like the small table setup, as people tended to stay in relatively small groups for the night. The food was good, and I don't want to complain about the amount of FREE food, but a lot of people stated that Dan raised the expectations about the amount a bit too much when he warned us not to eat before coming after the live podcast.