How I rob banks and why YOU should be scared


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Anonymous at 20:47 on 20 Oct 2013

Anonymous at 20:59 on 20 Oct 2013

Superb talk, as always. Oh and the intro should never be changed!

Anonymous at 21:08 on 20 Oct 2013

Great talk and I'd give full marks to the speaker, though I feel he should be right to be bemused by wandering babies during his talk.
Great content. 10/10 would watch the same talk again it was that good.

Anonymous at 21:27 on 20 Oct 2013

I'd listen to this guy talk about anything - engaging - funny - also pretty scary as always :D Thanks for your higher profile this year - can we see you on stage more next year please?

Anonymous at 22:10 on 20 Oct 2013

Much respect and love for the freaky one

Anonymous at 22:11 on 20 Oct 2013

Anonymous at 22:12 on 20 Oct 2013

Scary as hell. More of the same next year please.

Brilliant talk, so good we've nicked him for our own event!

Scary and Brilliant at the same time, I went and got cash back at the Tescos on the way back to the hotel I was that paranoid.

This man scares the B'Jesus out of me!

Anonymous at 11:06 on 21 Oct 2013

yer mum

Interesting, scary content and great presentation style. I guess I'll go back to hiding my money in the pillowcase...

Anonymous at 16:27 on 21 Oct 2013

For me the most entertaining and informative talk. Excellent :)

I loved this talk - the content, the presentation, the comedy, the presenter - we got the whole package. Freakyclown is engaging and entertaining but still manages to get across a serious issue in a way that everyone understands. I saw his Digital Forensics talk at OggCamp 2011 and was keen that if I was only going to see one talk this oggcamp 2013, then Freaky's was *the* one that I was not going to miss! :D

Absolutely epic talk... and caused several people to try out certain apps... :D

Great talk as usual. Not every company is compromised digitally and it was great to see SE getting a mention. Awesome.

Great talk, wouldn't have missed it for the world.
If tinfoil hats are on sale at the next one, somebody will be making a lot of money ;)

Enjoyable, scary, funny and thoroughly entertaining. Although very likeable, I didn't want to stand too close to FreakyClown for the remainder of the weekend, without being encased in a lead lined box. ;)

Anonymous at 22:43 on 22 Oct 2013

Very entertaining. More please!

Fantastic talk as we're coming to expect from FreakyClown. Given the main stage after last year's side-room was packed out and highly regarded, he didn't disappoint. Some people say you shouldn't overload the audience with info in slides, but his intro works perfectly firing through his "about me" bit in mere seconds with what must be about 20 images all clearly showing one side of his history/skills before he launches into the talk topic. There's lots of humour, lots of education and everything else there should be in a great talk.

There were some minor points I think regarding the wireless headset mic that dropped out a couple of times as he moved around - he is quite an active talker and uses the screen to good effect; the mic slipped a couple of times I think. But that's probably a combination of causes.

The live demo for NFC was lots of fun too. Would /you/ trust someone like him but with unknown morals with your bank card even for just a second? A local bus pass was probably much safer for the demo.

He does speak pretty quickly at times; I understood it all fine though occasionally missed some words. If the talk wasn't so bloody good in so many areas I'd left it at rating 4 as there's room for improvement. If things become even smoother and the tech keeps up with him then I'd like to give a 6 next time...

Anonymous at 11:24 on 23 Oct 2013

Excellent talk by the FreakyClown, we all had high expectations and he certainly met them. The talk was fascinating, it was surprising how lax some big companies are in regards to their online and physical security.

The live demo was great, and the guy who volunteered was very brave, definitely would like to see more demos in his next talk.

And his intro is spot on, it is the perfect balance of information and comedy, I'll echo what someone further up said, he shouldn't change a thing!

Only request is that he is allowed even more time next year for Q&A