How to do an Oggcamp


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Anonymous at 12:35 on 21 Oct 2013

From @TonyH1212

Mark talk as enlightening as to the ammount of work that goes into organising such an event. Pleased to hear that the team have recognised that the event has got bigger than just the 2 podcasts that helped get it all going and are willing to open it up for other community members to get involved at the sharp end. As a crew member for the last 3 years and knoing the amount of time and effort put in both before and during the weekend it needs fresh people to get involved and bring in new ideas so thecurrnt organisers don't start to feel the 'HAVE' to do it rarther than enjoy doing it. One of the things that came up as an idea during the talk was that of a parallel event/track over the weekend aimed at the under 16's who come allong, this was accepted as a great idea but it will need more than just one person to run it. Any volunteers???