Kidnapping talk


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Really good talk, we in the West have no idea how some nation's have no choice but to interact with each other in a totally self protectionist way.

After seeing this talk I will will never take a small child back to the address they have in their pocket. I actually need my lungs, spleen and liver!

This talk definitely reinforced some of the things I already do with my little one (like no named things) but it also shocked me on the ways that *I* could be kidnapped as well!

Very well done, Nour!

Really interesting talk - I'll echo Pete's comments. We don't know how lucky we are ! 35k for a baby, shocking. Certainly gave me some food for thought.

Anonymous at 11:12 on 23 Oct 2013

This was an excellent talk and a real eye opener, the talk was informative both on the why as well as the how, I especially liked the tips given on how to stay safe and what to do if you are ever approached.

I look forward to seeing more of her talks at future events.