Live Podcast


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Anonymous at 20:48 on 20 Oct 2013

A fantastic return to form for UUPC, but Dan and Les seemed a little less included (although they did have content).

I suggested to Mark in the pub on the first night that perhaps it might have been a better idea to bring more of the Full Circle podcast team into the podcast, to re-enforce that it's not *just* about LO and UUPC.

I did want to take issue with a couple of things that was said but Tony already thinks I'm gobby. :-D

A really good idea to do this - it not only pulicises the podcasts but publicises Oggcamp for those listeners who didn't know about it.

Yay for podcasting!

Good fun with a bit of resignation about the state of Ubuntu towards the end

The live show is the highlight of this event for me, and it was nice to see "the regulars" back on stage for the recording. I missed Fab and his rants though :(

Hilarious. Though wasn't sure if it was to be an observant thing or if the audience could get involved.

Anonymous at 22:51 on 22 Oct 2013

Very amusing. I've since subscribed to the podcast!

I never got a chance to suggest my thoughts regarding state of Ubuntu, oh well. Enjoyed a decent podcast episode as usual; though without Fab the banter dropped down a few % points of entertainment.

Being part of these and seeing them live is about half the reason I come to OggCamp.