PRISM and Mass Surveillance: a turning point


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Anonymous at 21:19 on 20 Oct 2013

Javier Ruiz from the Open Rights Group ( gave an inspiring talk that questioned why most of the public in the UK don't appear to be concerned about the fact that all of our online activity is being monitored. He urged us to challenge this and encourage others to challenge it too. Excellent stuff.

Great talk. I thought I was synical about the security services but found that their surveilance went way beyond my worst fears.
Javier's accent did make the talk difficult to follow at odd times.

Anonymous at 07:58 on 21 Oct 2013

I actually love Javier's accent

Anonymous at 10:20 on 22 Oct 2013

Great talk, very informative and really made you think.

There should be more people out there and more talks like this, which really explain to people in laymen's terms that we are being watched and it isn't "just in films"! People, especially in Britain, have become so complacent it is quiet scary, it isn't just our friends in the USA being spied on and it isn't just the plot of some sci-fi film.

I think the talk was good, however, I was fearful we'd end up in the tin-foil hat discussions. AS we know little of the systems, it woud be interesting to see how this topic evolves over time.

Enjoyed the talk that sparked a number of interesting conversations over the weekend. All good, as I finally got around to joining. :)

Anonymous at 22:34 on 22 Oct 2013

I had forgotten how much of Snowden's and others' revelations affected us directly. Educational and well researched (of course - its ORG!), well illustrated talk. There were a few times I wish he'd spoken slower but everyone's got an accent, its just a relativity thing (point of view).