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I won a book! \o/

The annual Popey Fitness Test - pure, comedy gold! Nice to see some new winners this year.

Lots of fun and I won a Nexus 7. There aren't enough thumb up signs on this thing!

It was awesome... I managed to increase the number of prizes I won this year by 1... from 0 :D

But seriously... really fun and an excellent time overall.

I didn't win :(

The prizes were amazing!

Didn't win anything, but it was still entertaining!
I'll never understand how the meat and potato pie wasn't the top prize though.

Best live comedy hour I have bumped into in quite a while. ;)

Anonymous at 23:15 on 22 Oct 2013

Fun as always, watching Popey run up and down giving out prizes! Can we watch it again? :)

Definitely in the top-five reasons to come to OggCamp (whether I win anything or not - handily won the Git O'Reilly pocket guide book though, perfect coming just after our just-arranged Git session talk)