The Dick Turpin Roadshow with Freaky Clown and Peter


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Anonymous at 20:50 on 20 Oct 2013

Anonymous at 21:09 on 20 Oct 2013

I feel it could have been a bit more interactive.

Great discussion on why we don't get more designers involved in open source software. Took a little while to get things warmed up though.

Excellent Podcast and good discussion all round.

Yeah I agree with the comments so far. It's our fault, we should have organised it better rather than just walking in the room and doing it.

Anonymous at 11:09 on 21 Oct 2013

Definitely took a little while to get in to our stride but I think it worked out well in the end. I thought 1 hour was going to be far too long, but turns out it was not enough time. Some fantastic feedback from people in the room. The lady who came in half way (I think her friend may have text her and said "YOU NEED TO BE HERE") was fantastic I hope in a few years we can hopefully see some change.

Almost fell asleep as my hangover from Friday evening kicked in, but I really enjoyed it otherwise! It could have been more interesting if it was more focused - maybe just on the designer discussion. Still 5 thumbs for the entertainment factor.

Oh, for improving the show I think it would have helped if we had planned it even a little bit before hand. That was my mistake for not making myself available and I apologise for that.

I agree, It's all Matt's fault.