Tricopters and quads: a primer


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I didn't see his talk but he did try to kill me with his copter on the grass outside the event! Bwahahahaha

I really enjoyed this and learned quite a bit about tricopters and quads. It dispelled a lot of pre-conceptions I had.

Just caught the end of this talk but took some notes from the websites mentioned to add to my "to research" list.. I desire a <xxxx>-copter but am not really much of a hardware-hacking guy. This should make it easier, if/when I get round to it.

Talk was well planned but delivery I think would improve if practiced; there was a bit of a demo/how-to feel to it which is just the style chosen.

For a talk that was prepared very quickly it covered it the topics really well. It took me from a complete newbie to having a fairly good idea what's going on and where to start with building a quad-copter.

I didn't get to many talks this year, but I'm glad I made this one. Much food for thought.