Ubuntu for Phones vs Firefox OS Top Trumps


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Really good to have chance to see the OSs on real phones and to have a discussion that showed real empathy and respect between the protagonists.

Absolutely loved this talk. It's clear that Alan and James have a lot of respect for each other.

The two platforms clearly have different goals, and that reflects in the language that each of them were using, and as such, a "Top Trumps" (albeit, no actual trumping went on, aside from the commentary about phone OEMs ;) ) format was really good!

Overall, probably my favourite talk of the event.

This was a fascinating talk, really enjoyed it and loved the way these two 'rivals' showed such respect. It really is all about community!

Fun and quote informative talk - one of the best of the many fantastic events. While I expected more banter from the title, the talk showed nicely that we might have different products and different aims, but that we ultimately are part of the same family.

Anonymous at 21:01 on 21 Oct 2013

I enjoyed it immensely too, though I never got my hands on the ubuntu phone :(

Loved the talk, it was both entertaining and serious. Even had a chance to give Ubuntu for phones, and FirefoxOS a go.

Great to have a chance to play with an Ubuntu Touch phone (and FireFoxOS, though I skipped that as had already done so in Hugman's talk the day before), as I'm lazy/not sure it would work on my current smartphone (Maemo-based, though Android-hacks exist). The idea was great, the execution was good, and I can't possibly fault them for anything else having only come up with it the evening before at the bar.

If you do it again and get more time, I'd have liked more audience participation in choosing some categories for you to bat against each other.