Why do we need another YouTube?


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Anonymous at 21:23 on 20 Oct 2013

Thanks, Dan, for projectchaplin http://projectchaplin.com - I uploaded a couple of video files but seeing the error message: 'sorry this video has yet to be encoded'.
I'm very interested in this project since it relates closely to my area of work - (sorry I missed the start of your talk)

Thanks for this talk, it was interesting, though I have little *need *to know.

Anonymous at 22:36 on 22 Oct 2013

Great talk, somewhat let down by people turning up late and asking for half the content to be repeated.

Gutted I missed this. There's always space for a different way to do things. I think I made a mistake by hitting claim. I was meaning to take a copy of the lecture, If it means I delivered it, I didn't.

Joind.in it wasn't my lecture, however much I'd have liked it to be!!!