One of the GDS design principles is about making things open. This includes open source but also a culture of sharing what we’re doing, what’s worked and what hasn’t worked. Partly open culture, partly open source - this talk will focus on how GOV.UK uses open source and how we contribute to an open culture within GDS and government.


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Jon Spriggs at 14:26 on 19 Aug 2017

Awesome awesome talk. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Several slides photos for later reference! Thanks!

Dave Potter at 14:28 on 19 Aug 2017

Great to hear how open principals are proving government efficiency

Stuart Ward at 17:21 on 19 Aug 2017

The question I asked about was innersource, here are some links about:

Andrew Howe at 17:45 on 26 Aug 2017

Interesting content. Liked the 'case study' part about using open data to win changes in the workplace. Good talk.