openSUSE is a diverse open source project that is home to many different software offerings, including the record-setting Tumbleweed rolling-release distribution, the ground-breaking Leap enterprise/community hybrid distribution and the revolutionary Open Build Service and openQA software build/test tools.

This talk will detail the offerings of the openSUSE Project, discuss how the project is organised & governed, and how people can contribute to the openSUSE Project. Examples will be given of both general community contributions and SUSE’s contributions to the openSUSE Project as a key part of SUSE’s Open Source business model.

Richard Brown is from England but currently lives in Nuremberg in Germany, and is employed as a QA Engineer by SUSE, as well as Chairman of the openSUSE Project. Involved in openSUSE/SUSE since 2003, Richard has contributed to various aspects of the project, including supporting users on IRC, testing/bug reporting, packaging, marketing, ambassadors and artwork.


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