Learn about how Configuration Management can be performed in a test-first manner (in these examples) using Chef, in a talk full of food puns. I’ll discuss how investing time into the manner in which your application is deployed is almost as important as the software that is deployed.

Jamie is a Software Engineer 2 at Capital One UK, working on Identity Services. He has a passion for backend engineering, especially around APIs and automation. He is a GNU/Linux user, a big advocate for the Free Software Movement, and tries to self host his own services where possible, instead of relying on other providers.


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Stuart Ward at 11:30 on 18 Aug 2018

I am newly learning Ansible, so very interesting to look at the Chef alternative.


Jon Firth at 11:48 on 18 Aug 2018

Excellent insight into Ansible alternative, thanks for the stickers too!

Mike Hingley at 12:02 on 18 Aug 2018

Very cool...i started looking ary chef recently and this and am now inspired to continue

Ashley moss at 12:09 on 18 Aug 2018

would recommend to a friend

Graeme Dyas at 13:50 on 18 Aug 2018

I work with puppet so it was nice to see an alternative.