Part 1: What is a load balancer, and why would you use one? Simple, high level overview Part 1b: How does load balancing work? Technical descriptions · Layer 4 load balancing methods · Layer 7 load balancing

Part 2: Building a Linux load balancer · The building blocks are all there, and are all FLOSS! · Taking care of layer 4 load balancing with LVS in the Linux kernel · Taking care of layer 7 load balancing with HAProxy · Maybe talk about some real world examples and how they are configured and deployed


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Jamie Tanna at 11:24 on 19 Aug 2018

Really informative, takes the audience from zero to understanding some core concepts of Load Balancing. Really polished presentation skills and obviously knowledgeable about the topic

Peter Cannon at 11:32 on 19 Aug 2018

Absolutely brilliant. Presented in clear, easy to understand terms and I loved the way the presenter went back and reviewed the sections he'd just presented "So we've just learned that......." thouroughly enjoyed it.

Jon Spriggs at 11:46 on 19 Aug 2018

Well delivered, great set of metaphors. Really easy to grok.

Doug Sillars at 13:33 on 19 Aug 2018

Thanks for a great presentation