Part 1: What is a load balancer, and why would you use one? Simple, high level overview Part 1b: How does load balancing work? Technical descriptions · Layer 4 load balancing methods · Layer 7 load balancing

Part 2: Building a Linux load balancer · The building blocks are all there, and are all FLOSS! · Taking care of layer 4 load balancing with LVS in the Linux kernel · Taking care of layer 7 load balancing with HAProxy · Maybe talk about some real world examples and how they are configured and deployed


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Rated 5

Jamie Tanna at 11:24 on 19 Aug 2018

Really informative, takes the audience from zero to understanding some core concepts of Load Balancing. Really polished presentation skills and obviously knowledgeable about the topic

Rated 5

Peter Cannon at 11:32 on 19 Aug 2018

Absolutely brilliant. Presented in clear, easy to understand terms and I loved the way the presenter went back and reviewed the sections he'd just presented "So we've just learned that......." thouroughly enjoyed it.

Rated 5

Jon Spriggs at 11:46 on 19 Aug 2018

Well delivered, great set of metaphors. Really easy to grok.

Rated 5

Doug Sillars at 13:33 on 19 Aug 2018

Thanks for a great presentation