Matrix is an open standard for communication over the Internet. I will talk about the matrix standard, both the technical implementation and the reasons for its creation. We will focus on the changes and progress that has been made in the previous year, particularly getting the specification out of beta, and the growth of the ecosystem. Finally, the Matrix environment continues to develop, and we'll look at the roadmap for the future.


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Jon Spriggs at 11:45 on 19 Aug 2018

Great talk!

Ashley at 13:37 on 19 Aug 2018

Definitely going too give Matrix another go

Andrew Howe at 15:02 on 19 Aug 2018

Enjoyed hearing the updates about recent developments in the Matrix project.

Dave Morriss at 13:21 on 21 Aug 2018

I've noticed people talking about Matrix on social media, and this talk helped to give me a clear view of what it is and where it's going