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Jason at 12:31 on 20 Oct 2019

I guess I have a new hobby now...

My first introduction about how contribute to Open Street Map using the JOSM editor. Great primer, looking forward to the talk later 🗺️

Julian Beach at 12:36 on 20 Oct 2019

Inspired me to do some more editing and fix some of the harder issues on local maps.

Andy Taylor at 14:03 on 20 Oct 2019

Really useful first intro to contributing, the use of field papers looked like a great way to do it.

Mark DSW at 14:16 on 20 Oct 2019

Was really useful to learn how to contribute to openstreetmap

Jon Spriggs at 11:36 on 21 Oct 2019

For some reason I couldn't stay engaged. I left part way through the talk because I was struggling. This is no reflection on Stuart, just me. I think if I'd been in a better frame of mind at this point, I'd probably have really enjoyed this! Sorry Stuart!!

Andrew Ford at 13:22 on 21 Oct 2019

A great introduction to using the JOSM editor. Available as a snap, we're told!