It’s been 5 years since Dan & Fab hung up their microphones and ended the popular Linux Outlaws podcast. Since then a lot has happened in the Free & Open Source world. Join our duo as they reunite for a one-off live show. They’ll be recapping what’s happened since the end of LO, discussing the big stories in the FOSS world right now, and speculating what might be coming down the pipeline in the future.


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Tim Gibbon at 15:05 on 20 Oct 2019

Word of the day: Datasparen

Jason at 15:15 on 20 Oct 2019

The dynamic duo ride again!

Julian Beach at 15:24 on 20 Oct 2019

Lots of things to think about.

Peter Edley at 15:42 on 20 Oct 2019

Great to see you together again. Even if jsu for a one off.

Henry Sprog at 21:31 on 30 Oct 2019

Always enjoyable to listen to Dan & Fab discuss the issues.