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Tim Gibbon at 16:10 on 19 Oct 2019

Really interesting how-to. Audacity noise reduction top tip for all your recording needs.

Dave Lee at 16:11 on 19 Oct 2019

Really enjoyed this, Joe. I picked up some good tips.

Timing and level was pretty spot on, although I must stress that this talk really spoke to the ideals of podcasting, particularly to a professional level. So if you are thinking of starting a podcast, please don't be put off by some of the suggestions, particularly in terms of the money you might think you need to spend.

Thanks, Joe!

Packed with useful information for podcasting beginners and veterans 🎙️

Lainey Gillon at 14:45 on 20 Oct 2019

As someone who has dabbled I found this talk really interesting. The hints and tips were aimed perfectly at someone of my level, knowing what equipment works best in the area I record in to the way to reduce background noise... It's something I can take away and use in my own shows.

Peter Edley at 15:47 on 20 Oct 2019

Great really useful practice advice.

Mads at 00:56 on 21 Oct 2019

Interesting stuff even for somebody without any intentions of getting into podcasting .

Henry Sprog at 20:54 on 30 Oct 2019

Excellent. As a podcast consumer I now realise the amount of effort the podcasters put in.