System Check: Putting Stress into Perspective (BlueHackers)


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Very good intro.

I would have shortened the explanation and focus on stress management, however still 5 from here :)

It's clear that you know and care deeply about this topic, but the structure of your talk worked against you. Your apologetic explanation of why at the end needed to be a bold explanation at the start. I thought the balloon idea was great, although I was surprised that you didn't allow for the idea that some folk might not have jumped at all. ;)

Also, your repeated slide (where are you at the moment?) needed to have a white background with the grid on it, with the quadrants labelled ("high energy/high perspective" etc) and the images for each end of the axes should probably be rethought.

An excellent idea, well delivered, but did not reach the potential it had. I'd rate it more highly if it hadn't been a keynote.

Agree that the graph labels were confusing... too much effort in the afternoon to have to keep working out which end is which :)

For a topic I hardly ever think about and very much breaking from the usual tech conference topics, I found the material approachable and digestable and in no way condescending.

Loved the balloon pop. "Crikey!"