Introduction to Ember


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I enjoyed the presentation; there were some moments where it was a bit slow paced, as is common with introduction talks, but on the whole it was much better structured than the majority of the openwest talks I attended this year.

Thanks for the introduction to Ember!

Anonymous at 20:03 on 16 May 2014

Very easy to understand - maybe that was just because I'd already done the todo tutorial before. One thing I would have liked to see is some way you could show some of Ember's features that distinguishes it from other MV* "frameworks" like AngularJS and Backbone. Either way - well done. P.S. when I saw your QR code in the front of the classroom I used my QR reader app (not knowing it was yours) to scan it. I was pleasantly surprised to see it brought up the app I already had. Thanks for the sticker!