Introduction to Go


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While I appreciated your talk, I felt it progressed a little bit slowly and didn't really cover any of the things I've really wanted to know about Go. Some of this is that it was an introductory talk, and some that we just didn't reach there. I kept hoping that we'd pass much more quickly over the details of typing and syntax, hitting just the highlights and leaving it for us to see the slides, and get to the examples of asynchronous programming and other real strengths that I have heard about the language.

I did appreciate that your talk was well organized and liked the way your slides could execute code. I would love to see the link to your slides posted here on so I could look over them -- I was a few minutes late and missed it if it was given out at the beginning of the presentation.

Thanks for the feedback Richard. I was disappointed that I didn't get to the concurrency slides quicker too.

My slides are available on my github:

Also, if you want to keep learning more about Go, the tour at is great. We also have the Utah Gophers User Group (at