Schemas for the Real World


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Anonymous at 15:55 on 9 May 2014

Do not appreciate the cussing.

Anonymous at 20:22 on 16 May 2014

I appreciated the insight into considering a wider demographic of information that comes with various types of users. I will definitely be more open-thinking when it comes to UX. However, you wouldn't move off of the "sexual orientation" topic and were stuck on it for about 25 full minutes without demonstrating a single practical solution. You had a great overall topic and could have covered numerous situations and conditions. Next time move through it faster and focus more on solutions, rather than pushing propaganda. I don't have a problem with discussing sexual orientation as part of the problem, but you could have covered a lot of ground. I had to step out for the last 15 minutes. I can't stand the F-word - very unprofessional and inconsiderate.

Anonymous at 13:07 on 19 May 2014

I appreciated the topic. It covered a lot of relevant and important information that most developers will likely not pay attention to. Excellent presentation.