Unleash the Raspberry Pi Through Physical Computing


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Really appreciate everybody who came out to see my presentation. Really enjoyed presenting. Would love to hear any feedback.

A link to the slides if anybody wants them.


I enjoyed the part of your talk I was here for. It's hard to demo something like that where the audience can't really follow along, and it perhaps could have used a bit more organization to keep things moving along, but it's nice to see people doing fun things with hardware. The way you used reaction to real-world events (temperature and RFID) as a trigger for something to occur online (twitter update, SMS text) was a really neat touch. Got me wanting to pull out my pi and do some hardware tweaking =]

BTW, you can edit the presentation on joind.in and put the link to the slides in the presentation details and it'll be a lot easier for us to find than just in a comment.

Of all the presentations done at OpenWest this was my favorite. Walking out after the presentation I wanted to go buy a Raspberry Pi right then.

Thank you, it was great!

As far as pure entertainment value this was far and away my favorite talk at OpenWest. Great job Kevin. I've got to put in a sprinkler system soon, perhaps I'll build it out with my Pi now.

Anonymous at 08:44 on 19 May 2014

One of the best presentations of the conference. The presenter was engaging and funny. Thought- and project-provoking.

Anonymous at 09:38 on 19 May 2014

Great presenter, fun subject, hands-on demos. Excellent overall.