A BASHful Adventurer


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There was some useful info here but I didn't like the format. CYOA might work well for independent learning but not for speaking in front of a group. I think we missed several topics and that was really frustrating. I also didn't like the videos. The flow was really unnatural... there wasn't really a way to pause or talk through what was happening, instead we would watch the video and then AFTER that the speaker would recap what happened. Very hard to follow. And then just slapping functions up on the screen wasn't very helpful either. It would have been nicer to walk through writing one or two functions together and talk about how BASH scripting works rather than just showing us five pre-written ones. This presentation would have worked better as a website than a talk. Then I could have done the CYOA myself and at least cut-and-pasted the functions.

THAT SAID... I did learn about some new things that I will research further on my own. And the speaker was obviously well-prepared and knowledgable. The format just didn't work for me.

I thought some of the information here was useful but the format seemed to wander and some of the information was a little esoteric and things I'll never use.