An Introduction to PHP Data Objects: A Better Way to Interact with Your Database


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Anonymous at 15:47 on 7 May 2015

Loved the sample code, and the practical application!

Anonymous at 09:41 on 8 May 2015

This class was perfect for my needs, coming into PHP from many years in other languages. Presenter did a great job, even with it being his first time presenting. His real-life examples were relevant and the info was very useful.

Anonymous at 16:26 on 20 May 2015

I'm not exactly sure who this class was aimed at. It was too basic for me, but since PDO is getting to be a pretty established way of accessing data in PHP (unless you jump into using a full ORM), it seemed like the only people this could help were people just starting PHP or coming back after a long hiatus. He presented the subject well enough, but there just wasn't a whole lot to present except for use cases where it saved him.