Behavior Driving AngularJS with Jasmine


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Good talk, very hands-on, got some practical take-aways.

Anonymous at 13:51 on 11 May 2015

Well done presentation. A little light on the motivation. The demonstration did well to show the breadth of tools but left some unanswered questions

Anonymous at 10:46 on 15 May 2015

I enjoyed the topic and thorough presentation but Tony, you've got to stop the wife-bashing in your intro. It has zero relevance to your presentation and looks unprofessional.

To 15 May 2015 anonymous comment:

Saying my wife does not play euro-games is far from wife bashing! I said nothing derogatory at all about my wife, and I want to make that clear to anyone who reads these comments. I simply stated that I like to play euro games and my wife doesn't get into them. The fact that my wife does not like to play euro-games is not some bash against her. I know many people that don't like to play these games, the games are a little eclectic and there are many people who do not get into them. I am delighted when I find someone who enjoys them, because that is somewhat rare, but I certainly have no ill feelings towards anyone who does not, especially not my wife who I love dearly! How anyone could perceive that I was bashing my wife is beyond my comprehension and very offensive to me. Sorry to be so direct on this but I am very taken aback by this comment.