From Vim Muggle to Wizard in 10 Easy Steps


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Anonymous at 23:56 on 7 May 2015

The description of this talk made it seem like it was aimed at beginners, but the presenter spoke very quickly through the tutorials and assumed a knowledge of Vim. I was hoping to learn about this tool, but instead was left in the dust confused and frustrated.

Blake Johnson at 10:22 on 8 May 2015

Loads of detailed info

Didn't do a whole lot of teaching, more showing off. If the title is leading you to come as a 'muggle', it should start of with basic commands and move towards more complex ones.

As somebody that's already been using Vim, this talk was ok. However the title was very misleading for people who are beginners to Vim. I'm assuming a lot of people got confused or left in the dust. The speaker was also too fast but given that he ended just on time, maybe there was too much content in his presentation.

I know Vim a little bit and tried to follow along on my laptop. He went really fast and copied and pasted all the commands so it was impossible to keep up but I did learn a lot. He was definitely an entertaining presenter and knows a ton about the topic, but could definitely slow down just a little for those of us trying to follow along. I'm going to go through the slides and see if I can catch the stuff I missed.