Getting started with AngularJS


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I don't mind someone giving an "Intro to X" talk without being an expert. I don't mind other people stepping up to answer questions the speaker couldn't answer. It's not a big deal. It was a good enough intro. What I didn't like was all the self-deprecation and sad comments and the bit where the speaker presented code he didn't understand saying he had someone else write that piece. Those parts were lame. Next time fake it till you make it, and at least make sure you understand the code you're presenting inside and out, even if you can't answer every question people are going to have about Angular.

Thanks for great feedback. I let my nerves get to me this time. I will make sure I understand every line of code I present next time I talk. It was my first presentation on coding, and I appreciated all the people that stayed around for the entire length of it. I'll be more cheerful in the future as well.

Links as promised until I can edit this talk page:

Some things I wish I would have covered and I'll go back to my slides later this month, is about bootstrapping the page with ng-app directive and get a bit more in detail about controllers and services.

I think it would have been better to go over the features of Angular and show how to implement them instead of just basically doing a code walk-through of a specific program. It was okay but not super engaging.