Hire To Hire A Software Engineer / How To Get Hired As A Software Engineer


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Rob is a good speaker and the material was interesting. The process he described was in a number of ways specific to the culture and goals of OC Tanner, but that was really the point I think. I definitely came away with some new perspective and new ideas.

Anonymous at 12:59 on 11 May 2015

Good presentation. The presenter made the excellent point that different people excel at different types of interviews and the people doing the interview need to find ways to get the most out of the interview, while taking into consideration the personality of the person being interviewed. And might I add, that it is about time that somebody noticed that white-board coding during an interview is a terrible idea! Bravo for making that point!

I enjoyed his insights and perspectives.

Anonymous at 10:38 on 15 May 2015

This presentation gave me a good perspective on the interviewer. So many people try to "trick" the person they are interviewing or put them through unnecessary stress. Rob showed us how that's not the best approach and what to do instead.