How to Disagree - But Still Be Agreeable


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appeal to tradition would be a good informal logical fallacy to add.

Thanks for coming, I'm glad you enjoyed the talk!

I agree, "Appeal to Tradition" or "Argumentum Ad Antiquitatem" is another very interesting fallacy. It's ripe for a "Fallacy of Fallacies" discussion as well. I'll certainly consider including it and I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

You may find this interesting if you are a big fan of logical fallacies. It's a poster that includes some of the most popular ones and it has always made me smile. Putting it up is an excellent conversation piece as well, a real learning opportunity.

Thanks again for your comments :)

Really great presentation! The content was very interesting and I really appreciated the speaker's enthusiasm.

Thank you for taking the time to join me and for your kind words! I'm honored and flattered.

I hope you are able to incorporate some of the aspects into your day to day life, it'll make you a much happier person (with lower blood pressure).

Thanks again for coming, it was a pleasure to have such a receptive and involved group!