Pseudo-Random Number Generation - How does it work and what does the NSA and CIA know?


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Anonymous at 14:38 on 8 May 2015

Really fun presentation. I really enjoyed this topic and the presenter did an excellent job of keeping it informative and engaging considering how deep the topic was.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the presentation! I hope you remember not to seed srand with time :)

This was a topic that was great fun to share, I find it an interesting mix of math, politics, and evil doers (Mwwwwhahahahaha!) I encourage you to take a look at Numberphile on youtube if you are interested in these subjects, specifically their talk on Dual_EC_DRBG . Their entire channel is filled with fun math topics like this one.

Thanks again for taking the time to join me and share your thoughts, it is most appreciated!

Good information! Lots of math, but that's good. Just what I needed to know.

Thank you for your feedback and thank you so much for coming! I'm glad you feel that you learned the essentials.

It certainly is a math heavy subject. I think in the future I'll be sure to stress the math components in the description so everyone is aware.

Thanks again!

Anonymous at 12:48 on 15 May 2015

Fun class to make me feel like a CS major again. Thanks.