API Pain Points


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Mark Niebergall at 14:45 on 7 May 2015

Great talk, good points, very knowledgeable

Very entertaining and informative. I don't think it covered all the things in the outline (like sane file updates, HATEOAS or OAuth) but it was a good talk.

Hey David,

Sorry you didn't think I covered those bits. I talked about image uploads towards the start, which is of course the same for any sort of file and I talked about OAuth for about 10-20% of the talk.

HATEOAS (a.k.a Hypermedia) was covered in the questions at the end, but yeah I cut it from my talk is its not the most important thing for people when they're learning to API. It's useful for building long lasting APIs that are counted in decades not years or months, but most of us don't do that, and by the time we are, we know how to add a link to stuff. :)

Thanks for the feedback!

Anonymous at 21:50 on 7 May 2015

Very informative. You are clearly knowledgable on the topic. Will you post your slides?


You are correct, you did talk about image uploads and I believe the point was the body of the PUT would be the image data or the base64 encoded image data depending on how you build it. The question you answered at the end did touch on hypermedia, I was just hoping for a bit more since we are using it in our APIs. And you did talk about OAuth and show a sample request of logging in via facebook and talk about that you could do a facial recognition grant type which did sound good. For that I appreciate it. I think my gap in understanding is more on what, if I'm auth-ing via third party, do I need to store or keep track of on my side to make sure that the user is able to do what they should be able to do, etc. I think there's probably a very simple explanation that I've been missing in various oauth talks and things I've see that I was hoping I'd see here.

In any case, it was a very good talk and very enjoyable. Thank you very much. I'll see if I can't bump the rating up.


Blake Johnson at 10:26 on 8 May 2015

Great stuff

Excellent stuff and fun delivery. definitely liked the real life examples and down to earth examples.

Anonymous at 14:36 on 8 May 2015

Excellent presentation. Fun, entertaining, and educational. Easily one of my favorite presentation of the whole conference.

Very knowledgeable, definitely gave me some things to think about (like non-SEO URLs... everything I know is a lie). The slides were great, just a very polished speaker/talk.

Incredible talk! Great information that I wish more API authors would keep in mind!