Work-Life Balance For Passionate Geeks


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Very good talk with lots of good takeaways and things to think about. Thank you.

Really enjoyed this presentation. Lots of good things to think about. Josh was a good presenter, humble and prepared. I think more detailed examples to illustrate his concepts would have made it even better.

Anonymous at 11:16 on 8 May 2015

The talk felt like it made a lot of assumptions about who was listening. The base assumption of the talk felt like it was gear towards married men with children. By the end of the talk it did address some people who were not married but it took a while to acknowledge them. As a woman listening to the talk there were moments I felt explicitly exluded from the talk.

Excellent talk, this would be a great talk for a group of geeks who manage others.

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Thanks for the great feedback! This was a shortened version of the talk (45 minutes instead of 60), and I did have to cut more examples than I would've liked. I'll try to work more examples into the 45 minute version next time.

Anonymous - I've gotten feedback in the past when discussing work/life balance that I focused too much on the family/children/work balance that women face. I also find it challenging to speak to that issue, since I feel like it's not my place to start that conversation, since it's something that as a guy I will never fully be able to understand.

My intention definitely was not to exclude you! Work/life balance applies to everyone - men, women, married people, single people, those with children, those without. You've inspired me to rework the intro to include a segment calling out the fact that work/life balance is something everyone struggles with in their own personal way, no matter their age, gender, martial status or any other factor, and to show how we all have to communicate clear boundaries with people in both our personal and professional lives.

Thank you!