A Crash Course in Tech Management


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Shaun Kruger at 20:27 on 13 Jul 2016

I really enjoyed this talk today. Based on what I learned today I think a big mistake when I was managing someone was that I focused too much on getting work done and I didn't effectively deal with problems I was seeing. I can't let behaviors continue for very long without correction without setting a precedent that makes it arguable that the behavior is ok.

I enjoyed when you talked about the things that a manager should be careful about sharing. I have been on teams where some of the rules about not venting about other team members have been broken and where a team peer becomes manager and the transition doesn't work. When a manager complains to their team it spreads poison and can lead to the entire team becoming disenfranchised.

One thing that would be helpful for me is learning how to "manage up". I need to find more tools for dealing with or otherwise rebuilding relationships with managers that are doing a questionable job or exhibiting relationship damaging behaviors.

Steve Nay at 15:51 on 14 Jul 2016

Great talk! It's easy to tell you know what you're talking about and that you're used to presenting. I learned a few things that will be useful both as an employee and as a leader.