How to Gamify Technical Debt and Introduce Change Successfully


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Dave Buchanan at 12:00 on 14 Jul 2016

Inspirational talk on how to motivate and realize the importance of taking care of tech debt. Very well presented, enjoyed the Ted videos, book references, and then at the end 'case study' of actual ways they are tackling tech debt. Thanks.

The talk had a lot of great references to books, ted talks and personal stories, but I would appreciate learning more about the details of how you actually manage technical debt at IHC and the challenges that you overcome. 20% anecdotes, 80% actionable takeaways, not the other way around.

BD at 14:23 on 15 Jul 2016

Good discussion on the psychology and philosophy of change, but I really expected more on the management of technical debt.

There were some good ideas on how to manage the technical debt of many projects. However, making a game or listing developer names in a list is a bad idea. Somebody almost always uses such metrics as a stick to beat bad developers into submission or developers gaming the system to make themselves look good get rewarded when they don't deserve it.

The presenter did have excellent presentation skills.

Excellent that you started with how motivation works. The approach worries me slightly--you need a very trusting environment for leader boards and other similar metrics to work without people misusing such metrics. Never addressed how to approach technical debt from a dev perspective. Still, it was well organized and well delivered.