Build your own PaaS, just like Red Hat's


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This workshop was actually hosted by Steve Citron-Pousty of Red Hat.

It was a great introduction to OpenShift! I really liked having the sample app to work with. He didn't just talk about OpenShift, but explained the other technologies it touched as well (Iaas, Paas, Git, MongoDB, etc). Made me feel completely ready to write an app and deploy it on OpenShift.

I loved walking into this feeling excited and interested in OpenShift and walking out with a fully functional web app running in my own OpenShift account and all kinds of future plans for this account. Steve did a great job of keeping the audience focused and moving forward while still addressing the needs of many who were less familiar with some of the technologies, like NoSQL databases. Plus he was totally cool with my 15-year-old son joining in and doing the exercises as well. Well worth a Saturday afternoon.