Building HTML5 applications, the JBoss Way


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Anonymous at 09:58 on 7 May 2013

This class was very disappointing. The title is "Building HTML5 Applications..." and yet HTML5 was barely even mentioned. It appeared in a view presentation slides, and was briefly mentioned a couple of times. The only thing that even remotely touched on the capabilities of HTML5 was a question asked by an attendee. The stuff that was presented in the class (related to JBoss, Forge, etc.) was also low in quality because the presenter crash his Java environment before hand.

What would you have liked to see? We did talk about backbone a little bit, though questions weren't really asked. If you're interested in something during the talk, speak up. Were you looking for a roadmap talk about how to build applications using HTML 5?

Sorry about the demo not working, that upset me greatly. I fought with it for 45 minutes before the talk even started, but to no avail.