Embrace Your Inner Designer


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All great advice for good UI practices, typography or anything designing apps/sites.


The presentation flow was so fluid and timing was perfect. Josh is a great presenter/entertainer.

Anonymous at 16:58 on 3 May 2013

Anonymous at 16:58 on 3 May 2013

Anonymous at 16:59 on 3 May 2013

Nice. Informative.

Funny. Really funny. But I learned something.

Anonymous at 22:01 on 3 May 2013

Absolutely brilliant. Hilarious. Very useful information for someone like myself who has not clue 1 when it comes to design. Please visit openwest again!

Probably the best presenter at OpenWest and not even from Utah....

Great presentation, obviously not your first time at the rodeo. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

Another excellent session with a wealth of good insights and practical advice.

Anonymous at 12:58 on 4 May 2013

Great presentation style. Excellent information and examples about how everyone can and should apply design principles.

Great presentation. Learned a few helpful tips, and was entertained. Josh knows what he is talking about.

Great tips and very entertaining. Great way to end the day. I am definitely a Josh Broton fan now.

This surprised me as my favorite class of the whole conference. I am now constantly identifying things that "are not a hot dog."