Firewall Wizardry using Netfiler / Iptables


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Lance is clearly very well versed in IPTables. I think the audience was a little overwhelmed by the abundance of specific table manipulations. It was more "meat" than the attendees were expecting.

The presentation provided a wide variety of examples and corresponding details. So much if this is taken for granted by sysadmins and security experts. netfilter is not for the faint of heart. Yet Lance was able to make it a little less intimidating.

Thanks for sharing your passion and your skill, Lance.

I think iptables is a huge topic to try to cover in an hour. Even having used it before and the excellent job Lance did, I basically came out of this presentation with a better understanding of how much I don't know about iptables. I also left with more motivation to learn more about it in order to keep my systems more secure.

My impression of Lance is that he's exactly the guy you want on your side. He knows his stuff. :) Thanks Lance!

I've always wanted to know more about how iptables works. I spend most of my time just looking up solutions in Google. I feel a lot more confident now in figuring things out on my own and understanding what I had done before.

I enjoyed the presentation. The topic was a little overwhelming, but I understood everything presented. I would love a link to his slides / presentation so I can review some of the information he provided.

Thank you everyone for the great feed back!
Glad everyone enjoyed the presentation.

If you would like to view a copy of my slides you can find them here.