High Performance Websites with Scalable Workers


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Justin has an amazing wealth of knowledge and each time I see him present I feel as though the heavens have opened and blessed me with a new skill set. PHP workers have been demystified, and I feel prepared to try my hand at playing with them. Justin handled hecklers and even broken code like a champ, Steve Balmer has nothing on Justin.

I had never seen PHP workers in action prior to his demo. I would have liked to hear more of where these are already in use.

I really like Justin and his presentations. I was a little disappointed in this presentation, only in that his description indicated that he would talk about gearman: I really wanted to hear his thoughts and see his work regarding gearman workers. Never the less, the presentation was great, including his impromptu approach to taking the discussion in the direction that the attendees were leading him.

I'm only giving 4 stars because of the misdirection with gearman. The presentation was 5-star quality in all other ways.

I think professionalism is marked not so much by every thing running perfectly to plan, but more so by the quick thinking and positive determination that one shows to resolve any hitches quickly, and still finish strong. Also, as a father of young kids I liked his pictures.

This was a useful talk and Justin is a very good speaker. I always appreciate seeing some code during a talk, and Justin was able to modify things on the spot which is always impressive. He did cover Beanstalkd instead of Gearman but I trust it was a better choice.

Covered the topic far better than that other guy who talked about PHP workers. Certainly knows his stuff. Looking forward to attending Justin's talks in future conferences!