Home Automation With Node.js and Raspberry Pi


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Anonymous at 07:33 on 3 May 2013

Great talk! Every seat was taken and there was 20-30 people standing!

The demos were fantastic, with a good split of code examples and high level talk.

Thank you! When I saw the room I was extremely nervous. This next week I will release node-zwave with some good high level support so you can start hacking away at home automation.

Very cool to see the tech in action. I will keep an eye on node-zwave for sure. Thank you Clint. Please keep a transparent front for those of us who want to take advantage of your progress in the future (and help when we can)

The presentation was done very well. The technology he had to show off was cool.
He mentioned the website for the business he is starting is at http://www.adomotic.com. I'd be interested in looking into his open source project to see if there was a way I could use or contribute to his application.

@Trevor, I totally should have engaged the audience more. Hopefully my public speaking ability improves as I do this more. :-) Adomotic.com will be the home of my open source automation company. Right now it is pretty bare. I'm hammering out some details for node-zwave (folder structure, code, npm repo) and will be posting it within the next few days, but you can watch for my initial post here: https://github.com/adomotic/node-zwave

Excellent. Great information. Well organized. Great involvement of "show and tell" visuals. Clint is clearly and expert in this area, and the presentation reflects that. Keep up the great work.

Way cool, very relavant. I think you did a great job of breaking things out and making it seem feasible to automate your home. I also like your approach to keeping things modular and look forward to your work on home.js.

Great talk that showed practical application for home automation at a (relatively) cheap price. Also, all of his live demos worked, which is amazing.

Great talk that showed practical application for home automation at a (relatively) cheap price. Also, all of his live demos worked, which is amazing.

I really enjoyed this presentation. I've done some home automation in the past, but haven't touched zwave. I'm excited to get started now! Nice job, Clint.

I always love live demos! Great job! I feel inspired to go learn more.

I enjoyed this presentation I think Clint did a good job of covering the basics, grabbing peoples attention and providing resources to get people started. Haven't heard of zwave before, and I can't wait to check out his repo and help out if possible.

Great talk. Clint is clearly very knowledgeable about this subject and has invested lots of time in it. The demos were fun and engaging, and it was great to see the code involved. I really appreciated the price breakdown.

I didn't necessarily agree that Node was the best choice simply because it's event-driven, but if you just want to use Node, more power to you.

Thank you for a wonderful presentation. I was a little disappointed that the deadbolt wouldnt work, but the blender more than made up for it.

An ideal application for using Node.js, because it is event driven. You aren't trying to cram some awkward process flow into an event driven system but rather, processing events with an event engine, as it should be.

Very nice to hear the breakdown of the different wireless options.

Thanks for the feedback guys. @JLW: Event-driven wasn't the only criteria for doing this in node. Javascript popularity, ease of install and learning, and the amazing community as well. But again, there are MANY arguments against using node so you could still be right :-)

This was an awesome presentation and while I've known about all the technologies involved I was excited to see it in action. This talk has inspired me to do some awesome things of my own. Great talk, Clint!

Wait, I'm giving this 5 thumbs up? How does that make sense? Anyway, 4 thumbs for it being coherent, interesting, and informative; 1 thumb for a live demo that actually worked!

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