KEYNOTE: The Evolution of PHP as an Open Source Language


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Very interesting history of PHP from Rasmus. I am glad I attended to hear this.

Fabulous, really. Very thought-provoking. I took some interesting personal notes that will serve as some persistent take-aways from this presentation. E.g. PHDs don't write languages that pervade the industry; and, "work on things that matter."

And I also appreciated his compliment about the snow-capped peaks in May.

Very nice presentation, Rasmus. Thanks for coming.

An enjoyable session with a lot of insight. I found it fairly inspiring as well.

I was starstruck listening to him. I left feeling encouraged to do more both at my keyboard and away from it.

I enjoyed his comments about how PHP came to be, why he believes it was so successful, and also what else we should be doing to improve things for others.

Fantastic. Inspired me to want to make a difference not just with code but in the lives of people everywhere.

Great talk, I enjoyed the real life application motivation in his talk. Its not just enough to do things behind a computer, but be involved in making a difference.

While I'm no longer a big PHP fan, I think we all owe a great deal to the work Rasmus has done to make programming the web easier. I loved his presentation. Long live hackers!

"Do we really need another Pinterest? One is more than enough."

I liked his answer to the question about how to support the effort to make the world a better place when you have to work to pay the bills: work for a company that actually has some altruistic goals.