MariaDB - the new M in LAMP?


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Anonymous at 21:56 on 3 May 2013

Good information, it sounds like Maria is the future of MySQL deployments. Thanks for the talk.

Thanks for the great overview of MariaDB Colin. I have been using cassandra for big data lately, and am looking forward to mariadb's storage engine ability to treat cassandra as a table.

It was sometimes short on details, but that was probably necessary to fit in the time. It was very honest and informative about the past and future of MariaDB.

I think there was too much history of the project and too little _concrete_ talk of why I should go home and switch to MariaDB. There was a ton of information covered but a lot of it (history, code organization, etc.) was not really useful unless maybe you were joining the MariaDB project itself. Colin was a very good speaker though, obviously very knowledgeable.

I was a little dissappointed. I heard about MariaDB last year at UTOS. I was very excited to hear what had happened in the last year with MariaDB but instead got a bit of a history lesson.

Also, the razzing of Callaghan who joined the audience, left the rest of us feeling quite awkward. Such a prominent member of the open source community, who has contributed so much should not have been subjected to being openly called out for having not contributed to MariaDB directly. As I understand it MariaDB pulls from MySQL main and as such enjoys many benefits from his work if not directly. I am certain that if MariaDB were to become the choice at FB he would contribute directly.

Anyhow, what substance there was, was good and I very much enjoyed hearing about the future direction of MariaDB.