PHP in 2013


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Anonymous at 20:50 on 2 May 2013

I thoroughly enjoyed this talk. Rasmus is an engaging speaker and his depth of knowledge and experience provided a wealth of useful information.

Anonymous at 11:39 on 3 May 2013

Rasmus is always great.

Anonymous at 12:56 on 4 May 2013

Very informative. Thank you!

It was great to hear from Rasmus. He had a lot of great information about the new versions of PHP. I'm definitely going to work on getting to the latest versions.

Great talk, and very informative. I really enjoyed his very blunt and honest take on the PHP roadmap and community.

By far my favorite speaker of the conference. In addition to his exceptional technical insight, his wit and easy confidence brought more than a couple smiles.

Loved his talk, and the overview of the improvements in php. After his talk I'm motivated to improve my c skills and help out over at

This was a pleasant surprise, I was expecting a dry list of new features but he went beyond that to talk about different optimization tools and walked us through some ways to contribute to PHP. I also have a list of amusing quotes from this talk.

I hope that guy running 5.2 spent the weekend upgrading :)