Rocking Responsive Web Development


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Anonymous at 12:12 on 2 May 2013

At OpenWest Rocket RWD was great! thanks for the funny and informative presentation. Looking forward to your other presentations.

Great presentation, and very informative

Great job engaging the crowd and keeping the content relavant and exciting. Also, thanks for coming to Utah to present.

Very entertaining and informative; well worth the time spent.

Very engaging and informative presentation. Great job! Thanks!

Josh did a great job. I really enjoyed the presentation; he had good examples and reasons for responsive design. I wish I could share his presentation with my team at the office.

Anonymous at 09:36 on 6 May 2013

I believed this class would be more about actual creation of responsive websites, but this was more about why responsive web development makes sense. This was certainly valuable information, but certainly of greater value to those deciding about whether to use responsive web design or wanting to start that discussion.

Anonymous at 16:12 on 9 May 2013

Josh's presentation definitely kept my attention the whole time. It's very informative for someone like me who just barely getting into web programming. Thanks.