Ruby 2


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Anonymous at 20:35 on 2 May 2013

Too many technical issues getting this talk going, didn't get into the meat of it until there was about 20 minutes left, took a couple too many tangents on the way. I would've liked to see more of the new core ruby 2.0 features discussed and shown in simple concise examples and it's improvements talked about (gc, load speed, performance, etc). Nice effort, but was a bit disappointed.

I was concerned that he didn't test his code before the presentation. There were a lot of technical issues. He also had issues with font formatting making it difficult to read the terminal and the code he was showing off. It seemed like he was showing off Git more than Ruby.

Thanks for the feedback, guys--I did indeed have epic tech malfunction. My presentation laptop died minutes before the talk, so I was presenting from a spare. Trevor--the code is solidly tested at each commit step, but I demonstrated that very poorly. I definitely flailed around in git too much--my main laptop was all set to just "go openwest-003<TAB>" and be there, none of this pull/checkout/track nonsense.

But all that's just excuses at the end of the day. I did prepare well, but I didn't present well, and I'm sorry I left you guys feeling disappointed. My own takeaway from this talk will be to "can" my talks a little better so that I can present from a guest machine with less fiddling.

Thank you for coming, and thank you for commenting.

Anonymous at 11:55 on 6 May 2013

One way that the session could have been better is by having a slide deck with code snippets rather than showing the actual code. If there are questions that are not answered in the slide deck then you can view it in the code. It seemed like Dave was trying to run this more as a open discussion rather than presentation.

Anonymous at 13:50 on 6 May 2013

This guy seemed to know Ruby pretty well. However, the actual presentation had too many technical issues and a bit too many tangential divergences. I wonder if he really was actually prepared for this.